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Version control (git, GitHub, GitLab) | C# | Unity | Blender | Articy Draft | Aseprite | Tiled | VR/AR | VRTK | Python | ROS / rospy | UX/UI | Sound Design


Hello! My name is Bernice Anne W. Chua. I am a software engineer, and indie videogame developer, and IoT/Robotics/AI enthusiast. I'm also trying to get better as an A.I. programmer! ^_^

I make videogames for fun and for profit, and I am the founder & sole videogame developer of Chua Productions.

I graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelor's in Economics and Geography, and I used to work in I.T., until deciding that it’s more fun to just create stuff with software, like making videogames.




I am based in San Francisco, and I am an active contributor to the Noisebridge hackerspace, specifically in:

Since 2018, I am one of the organizers of the yearly Global Game Jam local jam site at Noisebridge.

Sometimes I get invited to give talks:

If I am not working on creating my videogames, learning AI, and on Noisebridge activities, I am doing outreach and activities that help, support, advocate for, & promote local indie videogame developers, such as talking to organizers of conventions to add an indie games section.

In the wild, I can be found going to Maker Faire, going to conventions and conferences related to indie videogames, attending the events of the livestreamers meetup called Bay Area Live, and going to other types of tech conventions, conferences, events, and meetups.

I also write articles for Silicon Valley Global News ( in (


In August 2018, I was approached by the organizers of Fanime to create a pilot version of a section for indie videogame developers to exhibit their work in Fanime of May 2019:

It was successful, so Fanime decided to continue having the indie videogames section, and added me as a staff for 2020 and onwards! ^_^


I have also been the staff/volunteer of the indie videogames section of MAGWest since it started in the Bay Area in 2017.


As an extension of wanting to help independent videogame developers, I am also the community manager and support of the Queer Game Developers Meetup (QGDM).

How else to connect with Bernice:

Learn more about Bernice here:

Come join Bernice at the makerspaces that they go to! ^_^

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